21 Best Small Font That No Designer Ought To Skip

21 Best Small Font That No Designer Ought To Skip

In this modern world, with the development of the ebook, smartphones, web, or smartwatches, it leads to the requirement of some fonts that can help the consumers and viewers to read the message or information from the author easily. That is also the reason we all decided to write this article for everyone, especially the professional designers all over the world.

In this useful article, you will also learn about the definition of Pixel font, which is used widely in the virtual world. It shows the message that the designers or authors want to convey to their customers in a clean, clear, and friendly interface that no one feels frustrated or annoyed when reading the product. The pixel fonts are also evaluated as one of the most readable fonts in the world

Because of all those reasons, you should stick to this article and choose which fonts designers think that they will be the most suitable for your next projects. If you have no idea about that, just simply download them all. You will never know the exact time that it will help you with leveling up all your works.

1. Hamlin

Hamlin Font

This font is the modern sans serif font which has various styles from dedicated to the simple style. It was inspired by the classic geometric fonts. You can find 4 weights in this font and they are extra bold, bold, normal, and light. Its files have OTF, Web fonts, and the TTF.

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2. Fibon Sans

Fibon Sans
Fibon Sans Font

It is so much suitable for some small projects that will come close to your big heart. This font has big loads of flexibility so that you can use its six weights from the light to heavy. Besides, your print size will also be reduced. The legible and geometric fonts will look perfect for both small texts and small displays.

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3. Metrisch

Metrisch Font

This font works well with your designs as small fonts and it belongs to the sans serif fonts family. It contains seven different weights for you to use. It has the perfect shapes for display text and small texts. Its features are smooth and refined with the details of the sensitive forms, small capitals, stylistic alternates, and so on.

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4. Signal

Signal Font

This new-age font has both big headlines and small text with 5 weights. They are heavy, extra bold, bold, normal, and light in small caps. It includes web fonts, OTF, and TTF.

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5. Oliver Sans Font

Oliver Sans Font
Oliver Sans Font

The fonts have three weights: light, regular, and bold. Its pack includes Web Fonts, OTF, and TTF. It is suitable to use for the readable micro text and striking headlines which usually require the bold. You will like this font very much because it is clean and cool.

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6. Hurst Sans Serif Font Family Pack

Hurst Sans Serif Font Family Pack
Hurst Sans Serif Font Family Pack

The pack includes uppercase and lowercase numbers, letters, punctuation, and many different non-Latin characters. This font has awesome collections of geometric fonts and has four weights: regular, bold, extra bold, and black. The lighter weights will give designers the heavier weights, attention display font, and high legibility.

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7. Albori Sans-Serif

Albori Sans-Serif
Albori Sans-Serif Font

This Albori Sans-Serif is considered one of the most readable small fonts although it has not only the large size but also the small sizes. It is clean so that you can use it for smartphone apps or ebooks which often use the small sizes of letters. It supports the Extended Latin, Cyrillic, and Latin languages.

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8. Catesque

Catesque Font

One more best candidate for the readable small font is this one. It also has several weights from light to black and the matching italic version. It is so wonderful because it is eligible for the small text and instinct display text. This font consists of lowercase, uppercase numbers, punctuation, letters, and non-Latin characters.

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9. Brooklyn

Brooklyn Font

Its collections come with 4 italic versions in the package of Web fonts, OTF and TTF. It has 4 different weights such as heavy, bold, semi-bold, and normal. The font also has small caps and readable boldness every time you need a display font for your projects.

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10. Gpcus Grotesk

Gpcus Grotesk
Gpcus Grotesk Font

This one is an excellent choice for the headlines, titles, or body text. It offers the designers 5 different weights from thin to heavy with the 5 equivalent italics version so that all designers in the world can use it for your next projects. You can easily find the weights from thin to heavy together with the equivalent italic versions for each weight. Let us recommend a little bit about the way to use it. With the small text on mobile apps or packages, you should use the lighter weights, while on display, headlines, or titles, you should apply the heavyweights instead.

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11. Prox

Prox Font

For a font for mobile apps or micro text protects, this one is also a good choice for you to consider. It has a narrow width with the square proportions so that it will be the readable font to read and your message will be conveyed fully. It consists of lowercase and uppercase various non-Latin characters, punctuation, numbers, and symbols.

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12. Dereon

When you need the small caps or small text font, you should use it for your design. It has a total of 5 weights from regular to black. As usual, it also has the italic to each of the different weights. Its package has the uppercase and lowercase numbers, letters, several non-Latin characters as well as the punctuation.

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13. Maxwell Sans Small Caps Light

Maxwell Sans Small Caps Light
Maxwell Sans Small Caps Light Font

The developer of this font took inspiration from the 1950s which has the clean and readable condensed sans serif. It is an ideal font every time you need to use it in the small text though it also has both the regular and small caps versions. You can own the stylistic alternative with Greek, Cyrillic, and some Central European languages.

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14. Foster

It has four weights which are light, regular, bold as well as black. You can use the lightweights of the small caps font for the micro text works. To grab attention, you have to use the heavier font. You can do that because it offers a small and big font for designers.

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15. Babybit Fonts

This is an art font that has both regular and bold styles. It was inspired by the retro gaming culture so that you can use it for many different works. The pack includes Web Fonts, OTF, and TTF.

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16. Klyen

Klyen Font

This one is also very amazing for many different kinds of projects about many topics. It has regular and bold weights for the designers to choose from.

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17. Tiny Timmy

Tiny Timmy
Tiny Timmy Font

This font consists of various non-Latin characters, uppercase and lowercase numbers, letters, and punctuation. You can apply this font for all the projects that you need the small text.

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18. Video Game Font

Video Game Font
Video Game Font

It reminds you of a lot of nice games when you were young because it takes inspiration from video games. It contains OTF, TTF, and Web fonts. You can use the caps lock to access its nice collection which has alphabet and punctuation.

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19. Antsy Fat PX

It owns the regular and extended styles that include a complete Latin alphabet, punctuation, numbers, and accents of many various languages. It has the antialias settings that are smooth and crip. This font is super easy to read through you adjust it in the smallest sizes.

20. Hilda Px

To anyone usually designing for web projects, you will be so glad to download it to your computer. Just take notice and you will find it has many similarities with the Futura and Century Gothic font. Its package has the letters, punctuations, and numbers as well.

21. Pikzel

Pikzel Font

This is the final font in the list which also owns the Latin letters, numbers, many different International accents, and characters in 343 glyphs. The font is so flexible, scrip, and clean that you will fall in love with it at first sight.

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