25 Typewriter Fonts You Should Know

25 Typewriter Fonts You Should Know

The list we are going to share with you has the vintage style that it blows you away since the first time you have seen it. Those fonts are the excellent and beautiful tool to bring all your design closer to the customers and viewers.

Every time you need it, you have to type the keywords and then spend time on the Internet to find out what fonts are suitable for your projects. Nevertheless, it will be a big disadvantage if you are in urgent projects and have so many things to think about. In line with the concern, we give you the list of 25 typewriter fonts that you can download right now, or when you have spare time. Then when you need it, just open its folder.

The below 25 free typewriters have a high quality that looks so great. As a result, it makes your design perfect when you put it in the right place and the right purpose. Some of them are free for all designers to use for both personal and commercial works, some will only be free for personal use. Thus, you have to check the information carefully when downloading any font you want.

1. TT2020

TT2020 Font

The creator Fredrick Brennan designed it. This font was created as ‘an advanced, open sauce, hyper-realistic, multilingual typewriter font for a new decade’. In general, this is one of the most modern fonts that you should download to your computer.

This font is used in the movies Irishman and Joker. You can use it for both personal and commercial projects without paying a penny.

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2. Rough Typewriter Font

Rough Typewriter Font
Rough Typewriter Font

If you want to have a commercial license, you have to pay for it. But for personal use, it does not require. It is one of the free typewriter fonts with the rough around the edges. It is both bold and italic.

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3. Happy Days

Happy Days
Happy Days Font

This is the best way to age the typography thanks to its glitchy and fuzzy. After downloading the font, you will receive the uppercase and lowercase with numbers and a limited section of many different accented worlds and symbols.

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4. Conspiracy

Conspiracy Font

This font is slightly quirky and has a lot of fun that attracts more than 71.000 downloads since it was first launched.

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5. Stampwriter-Kit

Stampwriter-Kit Font

This is one of the most authentic designs that you have ever seen. It has the uppercase letters so it looks great for the branded stamp.

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6. RM Typewriter Old Font

RM Typewriter Old Font
RM Typewriter Old Font

When you have first seen it, you may think it looks old but actually it is the best, you will love its sketch that will bring the aesthetic feeling. This RM Typewriter Old Font is free for personal and commercial projects.

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7. Trashtype

Trashtype Font

It has a total of 179 Latin characters. It looks great on the textured paper.  If you have the desire to use it for personal works, just go forward. But if you need it for the commercial projects, ask its designer David Kerkhoff for more information.

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8. Gabriele

Gabriele Font

It is the series used in postwar Germany. It has some typewriter ribbons on it. The author does not require you to pay for commercial use.

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9. Xerography Font

Xerography Font
Xerography Font

It should work on the background colour that you choose according to your preference. It is a worthy font to use for negative space.

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10. Silvery Tarjey Font

Silvery Tarjey Font
Silvery Tarjey Font

This font is aesthetic, verging, and rounded on bubbles. It is free if you want to use it for personal use, but you have to contact the author for the wider distribution.

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11. Ghostwriter

Ghostwriter Font

It is free for personal use only. This is a slightly grungy and messy that looks like the comic strip.

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12. Love Letter

Love Letter
Love Letter Font

You can come back to the time and spill out many good feelings for the loved ones thanks to this font. Download it now for the old school style in your next designs.

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13. Carbon Type

Carbon Type
Carbon Type Font

Thick and bold are two characteristics of this font. It is good for the large straps and typewriter headlines. It is worthy to use for your typography projects.

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14. Type Keys Font

Type Keys Font
Type Keys Font

Ronna Penner designed this cool font which has the full set of uppercase numbers, letters, and other necessary characters. You do not have to play for personal use.

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15. Special Elite

Special Elite
Special Elite Font

This font is created by the talented team at Astigmatic. They want all the designers to have one choice for the vintage style that is moving closer to digital time. Any designer needs a strong keystroke, this one is perfect.

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16. Sears Tower

Sears Tower
Sears Tower Font

Michael Tension is the designer of this font which is free for both commercial and personal projects. He created this with 196 glyphs with distressed and dirty courtesy.

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17. L.C Smith 5 Typewriter

L.C Smith 5 Typewriter
L.C Smith 5 Typewriter Font

A group of 5 Typewriter Geor Sommeregger created this one to collect, fix, and share the information. Besides, they also offer a free version for personal work.

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18. Veteran Typewriter

Veteran Typewriter
Veteran Typewriter Font

Koczman Bálint, the author of Magique Fonts, created this font which has all beautiful characters.

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19. Last Draft Font

Last Draft Font
Last Draft Font

Andrew Hart is the creator of this free font. Many people like this font because it has a fancy style. After downloading it free to your personal use, you can easily access the lowercase and uppercase numbers, letters, and more special characters.

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20. Teletype 1945-1985

Teletype 1945-1985
Teletype 1945-1985 Font

Its designer is named E.V.Norat. It is the serif, typewriter-based, and mono-space font. It is used in the weather report, communications, and transmission aims.

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21. My Underwood

My Underwood
My Underwood Font

This is one more product of the talented designer, Michael Tension. He is a  Canadian artist that has 20 online fonts with millions of download rates.

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22. F25 Blackletter Typewriter

F25 Blackletter Typewriter
F25 Blackletter Typewriter Font

This is the German ‘Schwabacher Fraktur’ typewriter font that was designed by Volker Busse. It was very common in Germany before the time of the Second World War. it has the Black letter monospace that seems to be lost today. The designer explains its purpose is ‘to rescue the odd’ of the digital computer font.

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23. Brenton Scrawl Type

Brenton Scrawl Type
Brenton Scrawl Type Font

All designers can download it free and receive the full set of capital and lowercase numbers from 0 to 9 and letters. It is useful and serious for the service.

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24. Metacopy

Metacopy Font

A Japanese designer Yoshiki Kita designed this one. It contains the full set of special characters, numbers, and Latin letters. It is considered one of the most popular free typewriter fonts around the world because it has more than 36.000 download rates from the past to today.

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25. Telegraph

Telegraph Font

This is a free typewriter font that is usually used in the Shining and thriller.

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