Best Free Retro Fonts for Designers

The list of the 25 most outstanding free fonts will make you excited because it has many different styles so that you can use it for your big number of projects as well.

1. Nimitz

Nimitz Font

Bart Wesolek is the designer of this font and he created 3 different styles such as rough, textured, and clean. It looks great for the projects of the retro and vintage look. You will like its effortlessly stylish and pretty readable style.

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2. Rousseau Deco

Rousseau Deco
Rousseau Deco Font

The author of this font, Mariano Diez, took inspiration from sans-serif twists and classic styles.

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3. LOT

LOT Font

Font Fabric designed this one for all designers all over the world to use for the posters, headlines, and logos. It comes with the blocking styles of the 1970s and 1980s magazines, posters, and magazines.

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4. Nature Sans

Nature Sans
Nature Sans Font

Alex Joganic of the 1871 project is the designer of this natural font. It has two different styles which are regular and rough which are up to the line straights with the little tough round of the edges. It will be perfect for all the vintage projects. At the time, the users can feel the adventurous spirit and the retro styling recalls styles.

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5. Cheque

Cheque Font

This font is totally free for geometric shapes with the vintage and classic look. It is used best for compositions or headlines. You can use it free for personal and commercial use. This beautiful font is created by Mirela Belova which is her student project.

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6. Lazer 84

Lazer 84
Lazer 84 Font

It has the style of the super-1980s vibe which usually appeared in the old-school sitcom. Juan Hodgson liked that style so he decided to create this font.

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7. Betty

Betty Font

This is one of the free tattoos for the bygone age. It is the work of Anastasia Dimitra.

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8. Paralines

Paralines Font

The name of this font is correct in spelling. It was designed by Lewis Latham. It is awesome in all the projects that have the topic about the 1970s and 1980s. You will easily find its modern-day typography as well as the decades-old designs because its author took the inspiration from that.

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9. Hamurs

Hamurs Font

His retro style with rounded shapes and rough edges will look amazing in logo, headings, the letterpress printing, T-shirts, and also the badges.

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10. Oh now!

Oh now!
Oh now! Font

After downloading it, you will receive the uppercase, lowercase, symbols, punctuation, and multilingual support.

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11. The Cat Has a Hat

The Cat Has a Hat
The Cat Has a Hat Font

Lukee Thornhill designed this font with an amazing name. It is one of the best fonts that has ever appeared in this world with perfect readability. It is suitable for branding and marketing works in the future. This font has beautiful looks because the author took inspiration from the classic children’s book of Dr. Seuss.

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12. Mustache Free

Mustache Free
Mustache Free Font

Joel Maker designed this font which will make you feel comfortable with the superior brush. This great Mustache Free contains the full set of lowercase and uppercase letters of numbers, letters, and multilingual support.

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13. Festival 

Festival Font

We do not think that you can find better fonts for summer with this good vibes font. Pixel Surplus created this font with a lot of multilingual characters.

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14. Sophia

Sophia Font

You will easily find this one light, slightly and friendly to use for many projects. Its authors were Emily Spadoni and Matts-Peter Forss. It is a very special font because it has a combination of left and right letters of style and multilingual glyphs. It was described as ‘a hand-lettered brush script with a sweet decorative bonus.’

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15. Reckless

Reckless Font

Dnadi Spasibenko created this beautiful font with the extended and uppercase Latin characters. It is suitable for the print or on the web and the water colour-effect design.

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16. Rose Tattoos

Rose Tattoos
Rose Tattoos Font

Billy Argel created this one for all designers to use free for their personal projects. You will have the feeling like you can ink them all in your body. The textures of this font are big so we are not sure that you can use it in small sizes.

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17. Joker

Joker Font

This font has many layers for designers to add to their posters, packaging, and logo. It brings the feeling about the funny circus.

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18. Anguilla

Anguilla Font

The talented designer Mans Grebacks designed this font which attracts a lot of designers. It brings the spirit of calligraphy for all designers which are stylish and fresh.

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19. Serval

Serval Font

Maelle. K and Thomas Boucherie worked together and created this font. It was great for tattoo stylings and scratchy beast of design.

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20. MOM

MOM Font

Rafa Miguel designed this font since he was inspired by the old-school tattoo in the American tradition.

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21. Original Gangsta

Original Gangsta
Original Gangsta Font

The creator of this font is Gilang Purnama Jaya. It is uncompromising and stylish with the hard-edges script.

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22. Sprite

There are three authors working together as a team to create this font. They are Arsek and Erase, Vasil Stanev, and Ani Perova. It has a beautiful old school graffiti lettering that has readable and usable characteristics. If you are looking for the retro urban style, you cannot miss this amazing font.

23. Urban Decay

Urban Decay
Urban Decay Font

Zofos designed this font as a handmade style. If you use this font for the inner-city style. Your viewers will feel great when they see the handmade brush font. It is not like other fonts that you have read above because it is wilder with the graffiti letters.

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24. Ruthless Dripping One

Ruthless Dripping One
Ruthless Dripping One Font

This is one more innovation of Mans Grebacks which is the calligraphy to create something new and innovative on the money. It has the stylized curves of the urban streets so it will make you feel like a free graffiti font.

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25. Blow Brush

Blow Brush
Blow Brush Font

It has the handwritten, marker style with the energy and boldness textures of Blow Brush because it was inspired by urban culture and hip hop styles. Peter Acanski Aka Raz created this font. You will have the feeling of font functionality and legibility. The good news is that the author allows you to use it freely for many different purposes.

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