Best Method for Downloading and Installing Death Note Font on Windows and MAC

Death Note Font Family is designed to be one of the fanciest and fantastic font typefaces. In fact, it is very well-known and becomes a common choice for designers. If you are looking for an appropriate font for your posters or book covers, it is a great choice for you to make your design be unique. Don’t hesitate anymore to get this font for free download on this website.

In fact, one of the most important factors for the success of any design is font choice. Basically, the font will decide how the attraction this design shows to viewers. In order words, it will express how professional and carefully a designer has. Consequently, professional designers sometimes find it quite hard to pick one of a bunch of fonts available from Internet sites.

Today, we want to introduce to you one of the stylish and fancy fonts that is Dead Note. Have you ever seen or heard about the Dead Note movie?

Actually, this font is designed by Sebastian Kosch, who is a German-born. His headquarter is located in Toronto. According to what he said, this font was affected by the work of three authors: Jonathan Hoefler, Robert Slimbach, and Jan Tschichold.

All you need to do now is to download Death Note Font Family for free here and keep it for your business projects, posters, or book covers.

Download Death Note Font for Windows and MAC

Here is the guide to download Death Note on your computer with Windows and MAC operating systems. While it has no distinction, you can find that in the installation below. Therefore, we will show you directions for both of the platforms. If you have downloaded the font, you can move the mouse wheel to discover the next installment.

  1. Enter wfonts
  2. From the list, you can browse whatever. Or, you can embark on searching for the item you want. It’s simple to cut down the scope by using specific typefaces from the Categories Menu. They include Serif, Sans Serif, Monospace, Handwriting, and Display.
  3. Left-click on “Death Note” if you find out the place it is set.
  4. Moreover, click on the Download Family link. Death Note will save as a .zip file.
  5. Remember to follow and test the second part: installing!

Install Death Note Font on Windows

You should install Death Note before you launch it on Windows or any devices. We also have the instruction for MAC underneath.

Death Note Font
Death Note Font
  1. Download Death Note at wfonts
  2. Unzip the object from the Downloads folder by clicking on the ZIP file two times
  3. Unfasten the location and it will present the font stored
  4. From that position, you can right-click on files in turn and strike Install. It’s highly recommended to redo the existing stage for the whole separate font files.
  5. Death Note will be installed. If you have loaded more fonts, you can implement Steps 3 and 4 again.

Install Death Note for MAC

  1. Download Death Note on wfonts
  2. Unzip the ZIP file with two left-clicks
  3. Unleash the container and you will see everything inside
  4. To control each font, please apply the mouse button on its single folder and unlock one file!
  5. The Font Book will start.
  6. Hit Install Font
  7. There is a screen.
  8. Use again steps 3 to 7 to set all the full sole files on your tool
  9. To establish 2 or more font folders, you’d better re-pick Step 2-7.

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