All the content that you are going to read on our website is also submitted to fontsfree1001 through emails so that it will be also available on some places on the Internet and it is also trusted in the public domain. All the content like videos and images posted on our websites believed that it is based on our rights and the US Copyright Fair Use Act. The website you are surfing,, is in compliance with the DMCA, which stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act. For anyone who does not know that, it is the policy for response to any dissolution notices as well as take adequate action under the DMCA and other acts of congenial rational property. If you browse our website, it means that you agree with GDPR since we agree with it as well.

In the situation that a contributor or an author copyright components already share their content on our website or any link that can be revolved in the current search engines, now you want to remove it for some reasons, you have to immediately let us know with some information as the below part. There is one special point that you need to know is that all your damages consisting of attorney’s fees and expenditure will become constrained if you refuse to give us the details on the website which is infringing on the copyrights. We advise you to contact the advocate and attorney for legal help in that situation.

The below elements must be attached to the copyright infringement claim

1. Provides us the detailed evidence of the authorized person to act on the behalf of the owner of the right which is believed to be allegedly infringed.

2. Provide us the details of your email address, or any kind of contact information. As a result, we can keep in touch with you in a quick and convenient way.

3. You have to identify the copyrighted work that we infringed and comprised at least one search term under the resources that you see on our website search result.

4. A statement that the complaining side has a strong and stable belief that it is used without asking permission for the author, agent, or the law.

5. A statement that has accurate information in the notification, which the complaining side is authorized to act on the behalf of the right owner that is allegedly infringed.

6. The authorized person has to sign to be the behalf of the owner of the exclusive right which is believed to be allegedly infringed.

Send all the infringement notices via contact us

Please be patient to wait for our email response in one or two weeks, just in case you send the infringement notice via contact us. If you do not do that but send it to other places such as our Internet Service Providers, no one can make sure to reply to you in one or two weeks.

Fontsfree1001 has fought against the DMCA circumvention provisions in the Congress, courts and other forums just to guarantee the strong and right creativity and innovation for DMCA secured harbors shelter.