Download The Icons Font For Free!

Icons Font contains a modern and stylish typeface that can make icons become better. It’s possible to free download and use it for your own projects!

Icons Font
Icons Font

Icons Font

It consists of 2,100 icons that are fitting to modernize and enrich your content.

The creation is a piece of the U.S. net Design approach. Myanmar is an open-source Webfont made with interfaces, text, and headings.

It’s feasible to add these items for special events like birthdays, wedding ceremonies, etc.

However, it can be existing in headings or physique copies to express your ideas strongly.

Remember to apply it to web design and mobile app ones!

How to download Icons Font

Here is the best instruction to download Icons on your computer! You’d better check out another guide for installing below.

  1. Approach 1001 Fonts
  2. Through the list, you can browse the font. Or, find it by using typefaces from Categories. They are serif, sans serif, display, handwriting, and monospace.
  3. When its name has appeared, you should click on it.
  4. Click on the Download Family link to download Icons as a ZIP file

How to install for Mac

We have the simplest way for installing Icons on Mac.

  1. Download it from fontspace
  2. Get the Zip file and unzip it by using two clicks
  3. Access the folder
  4. For each font, click on its single folder. Open one file.
  5. You’ll receive a Font book.
  6. Choose Install
  7. Have a screen after that
  8. Repeat steps 3-7 to establish all of the individual font files on your Mac device
  9. If you download more than one folder, you can re-perform steps 2 to 7 to set out them.

How to install for Windows

  1. Download Icons from fontspace
  2. Unzip
  3. Enter the folder
  4. Right-click on each font file and hit Install. You should utilize this again for every separate file.
  5. You will complete locating Icons. If you download more than one font, please uses again steps 3 and 4!

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