Download Lucida Calligraphy Font Family Available For Free

Lucida Calligraphy Font Family is a simple but clear and beautiful creation of Kris Holmes with Charles Bigelow. It’s active to download and enjoy for free!

Lucida Calligraphy
Lucida Calligraphy

Lucida Calligraphy Font Family

It is one of the top calligraphy font typefaces. There are 5 different weights and 255 glyphs available to choose from and apply. They can help your texts or designs become more readable.

It’s also a unique calligraphic script font that used to appear through TypeSETit in 2012. It has collected a million downloads.

It can be the first-class font to use for internet sites and more. It looks basic and does make the reader feel comfortable. You can find a great selection of branding invitations as well.

How to download Lucida Calligraphy Font Family

Here is the top guide for downloading on your computer. Don’t forget to test the tutorial for installing!

  1. Visit 1001 Fonts
  2. Move through the list and browse the font. Or, you can select Typefaces from the Categories menu. They are serif, sans serif, display, handwriting, with monospace.
  3. Once you have already found the font, you can click on the name it has.
  4. Furthermore, click on the Download Family link to download the item as a zip file.

How to install for Windows

It’s the next step to launch Lucida Calligraphy Font Family on your Windows devices.

  1. Download the target from wfonts
  2. Unzip the file by clicking two times
  3. Enter the folder
  4. Right-click on each font file and press Install. You should redo this for every individual file!
  5. You can complete the installation. If you download more than one font, you need to repeat steps 3 and 4 until you set up all.

How to install for Mac

  1. Download Lucida Calligraphy Font Family from wfonts
  2. Unzip
  3. Open the folder
  4. Click on each font’s single folder. Release one of the files.
  5. You will collect a Font Book.
  6. Click on the Install Font button
  7. There’ll be a strange screen.
  8. Re-use steps 3-7 in order to establish individual font files on your system
  9. If you download more than one font folder, you can pick steps 2-7 again.

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