How to Download & Install Outline on Windows and Mac OS

Outline Font is one of the best fonts that is highly recommended for those who always want to add new and unique fonts to their collection. In this post, we will introduce to you how awesome and fancy this font brings. All you need to do now is to download it for free here.


In fact, many people admit the importance of the font choice in the success of any design. It will decide how attractive and outstanding the designs express. And today, we will mention a new font that definitely gives the best layout for your products. Let’s welcome it!

Basically, Outline font is designed to own a unique look and feels that comes along with its trio of strains in every letter formation. You are able to download and make use of it in many sizes from the medium size to large size for the creations of posters, headlines, and a lot more.

This font is called “album quilt” that was designed by a creator named Vladimir Nikolic. It brings users s strong and powerful font that is very suitable for designing headlines, titles, logos, posters, and more. It definitely makes your projects more perfect.

Get ready to download Outline Font for free on this website and keep it for your upcoming projects.

Download Outline the font for Windows and Mac

We have the top tips and tricks to download and even install Outline a popular font for Mac and Windows. Note! How you set up everything is not similar. It will depend on the platform you play. If you have already finished the earliest phase, remember to pay attention to the following part!

  1. Make your way to fontspace
  2. Move through the list to find fonts. Fortunately, you can reach the result sooner if you apply specific typefaces. Select the Categories Menu. Here, you are able to choose or skip them. They are Serif, Sans Serif, Display, Monospace, and Handwriting.
  3. Next, you should seek the location of Outline and click the name you collect.
  4. After that, opt for the Download Family link. The Outline will be loaded as a ZIP file.
  5. It’s time to check out the guide below for installation!

Install Outline Font on Mac

It is the best direction to install Outline on Mac before you move to the instruction for Windows.

  1. Download Outline from fontspace!
  2. Unzip Outline by clicking on the .zip file and again
  3. After opening the folder, you can spot every font you have just copied.
  4. To unlock each one, you’d better click on their folder and unbolt one of the current files.
  5. Then, you can see the Font Book.
  6. Left-click on Install Font
  7. There will be a screen.
  8. It’s possible to re-use Step 3-7 to build up single files.
  9. In case you downloaded more, you can try out Step 2-7 until your job ends.

Install Outline for Windows

  1. Download Outline at fontspace
  2. Unfasten the zip file from the Downloads
  3. Enter the folder and you can catch the sight of the font you have gained.
  4. Open it and right-click on the font files individually. Hit Install! It’s recommended to utilize the present method for all of the separate files.
  5. The Outline is installed! If you own many fonts, quickly do again Step 3-4!

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