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To make this web popular, fontsfree1001 has the page of Privacy Policy. has considered meaningful privacy for visitors. We paint the details of all information which is grabbed-recorded by this website and the way we use it.

Log files

Just like other nice websites, this often uses the log files. They are the common action to host the authorities and the section of hosting the analytics of service. All the internet protocol (IP), date and time print, report of browser name and version, name of the website, name of  Internet Service Provider, exit pages, browsing sessions with the total browsing time, total clicks on links on this site or the other ( like on social media or other websites). Those records are used to administer the site, the pathway on this website, the trends, and also to gather demographic information.

Cookies and Web Beacon will use the visitors’ cookies to pick up all the things related to visitors’ favoritism, to draw the information of visitors and the pages that they personalize based on kinds of types of internet browsers or other information that we receive from the visitors’ internet browser.

Vendor information

There is no third party on this site, but we try to approve our advertising partners, Google AdSense.

Our Advertising partners

Google AdSense is our advertising partner.

Besides, our website is also the participant as the Amazon Associate I from qualifying purchases.

Children’s Safety first

Children are the future of the world, everyone knows that. Therefore, we hope that all parents will monitor what they are doing on the Internet every day.


Anyone using this website means they agree with GDPR since we also agree with it.


By using the, you agree with the Privacy Policy and all its items

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26 August 2020