Free Download The Unique “Ukiran Jawi” Font

Ukiran Jawi Font rolls out an attractive font family that you can apply for decoration. It’s free for you or any designer to download and use!

Ukiran Jawi
Ukiran Jawi

Ukiran Jawi Font

It can bring back a beautiful and enchanting look for your projects. The creation only introduces 2 weights, Bold and Regular.

The release becomes special due to the shape of glyphs and the topping part of each piece.

While its appearance can make your text more artistic, it’s also very easy to read. However, what you receive seems to escape from the old styles. It actually has readability in higher and lowercase letters.

How to download Ukiran Jawi Font

It’s easy for downloading Ukiran Jawi on your computer!

  1. Go to fontsfree
  2. From the list, browse the font. Or, opt for typefaces from the Categories menu to find it.
  3. When you’ve positioned the target, click on the name.
  4. Choose the Download Family link in the upper right corner to download the object as a ZIP file

How to install for Windows

The following instruction will point out the fastest way to install Ukiran Jawi on Windows.

  1. Download it on fontsfree
  2. Double-click on the ZIP file to unzip
  3. Move to the folder
  4. Open that room and right-click on each font file and press Install. You should control this again for all of the single files.
  5. You have completed installing. If you download more than one font, you can apply steps 3 and 4 again.

How to install for Mac

  1. Download Ukiran Jawi at fontsfree
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Head to the folder
  4. Click on each font’s separate folder and release one of the files
  5. A Font Book
  6. Strike the Install Font button
  7. There is a screen.
  8. Redo steps 3-7 to install every file on Mac
  9. If you’ve had more than one font folder, you need to restart steps 2-7 so as to set up them!

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